Old Folks home – Deloitte 2nd Dec 2010

Corporate CSR – Toward A Caring Nation


2 Dec 2010 Deloitte as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) jointly organized a tea party with us for the Old Folks in Seri Setia Old Folks Home, Petaling Jaya. The old folks were treated to light refreshments, entertainment and chat time. Deloitte also presented the home with dry food rations. There are about 63 residents in this home with about 8 administrator and assistants. Corporate bodies and general public are invited to sponsor such events. If you could spare 2-3hours of a year from your daily busy schedule, it would help warm the hearts of these uncles and aunties and put a big smile on their face, a feeling that is priceless and self enriching.


Old Folks Party

Majlis Bermesra Bersama Warga Emas at Rumah Orang Tua Seri Setia

On 27 September 2009, Centraid organized a tea party, Majlis Bermesra Bersama Warga Emas at Rumah Orang Tua Seri Setia. This home has been in existence since 1966 and was officiated by the late Tun Abdul Razak. It has a total of 64 residents. Centraid organized this program to bring cheer and joy to the old folks at the home. In doing so it called upon friends and general public to attend the tea party to have some fun as well as spend sometime with the Old folks. The function was graced by the Patron of the Society YB Senator Dato T Murugiah whom had a goodtime with the old folks. He asked more Malaysians to make time to come forward and share some moments of joy and laughter with the old folks immaterial or race, religion or creed, live as 1Malaysia. He also encouraged the rakyat to care for the senior citizens for without them we will not be here and to enjoy all the good things. We have to foster the nature of being a caring society. He congratulated the Guru Dharma Society for their good efforts and encouraged them to continue such service in the spirit of 1Malaysia. The program ended with distribution of provisions, goodie bags and ang pow/duit raya to each resident and refreshments.

Dental Service

Put a Smile on our Old Folks Face


On the 20th May 2012 – 12 old folks from Rumah Orang Tua Seri Setia Petaling Jaya completed their trip to the dentist and put a real smile on their face with their new dentures and polished new tooth. A team from Centraid the welfare arm of Guru Dharma Society carted the old folks who they managed to physic up to go for a dental check up. A good Samaritan dentist Dr Khaw from Cheras offered to provide free dental check up and treatment for 20 old folks.


The medical wing head Ms Suzie who is also the Hon. Treasurer of the society highlighted that the medical wing decided to do this activity as part of its caring society theme. We have observed that many of the old folks in homes need dental attention but are not able to due to either high cost or their immobility. Although it took about 4 to 5 trips from the home in Petaling Jaya to the clinic in Cheras, for the completion of their treatments, it was heartwarming to see the smile on the faces of these old folks.