Educate and Be Free, Organise and Be Strong – Sree Narayana Guru

6th April 2014 the society conducted a motivational and awareness program for the needy youths at its center.

DSP Supramaniam, Deputy OCPD Tanjung Malim shared with the youths statistics of crimes amongst youth and the adverse implications of getting into crime. The aim of this session was to create an awareness to the youth to stay off from crime even, if it seems to be the easy route to making money etc.

The program was then followed up by an international motivational speaker Mr Muruka Nathan, who then pressed upon the benefits of getting an education. Also how to set targets and how to achieve it. He also shared techniques of positive affirmation and memory techniques.

The program ended with the society recognizing two students who excelled in their PMR with straight As. Monthly food provisions were also given out at this program to 25 families. The society needs funds and support to continue these projects.Members of the public are welcomed to come forward to support these projects by becoming a sponsors or as volunteers.

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On the 15th of May 2012 our society decided to continue weekly academic coaching to the needy children from the food distribution program. They are provided with basic study materials and given a lot of exercise to improve their weak areas. The coaching classes are run by volunteer teachers.

Volunteers are most welcomed to assist in this activity. An hour of your week may help change the future of a child.

Sponsors for these students are also welcomed.

Back to school 12 Dec 2010

12 Dec 2010 both the Patrons of Guru Dharma Society (GDS) attended the Back to School and Bermesra Bersama extended families of GDS at Centraid. The families under the food provision program attended the hi-tea while the children received bags, school stationeries and uniforms from the Patrons after a motivational talk on the role of education to uplift ones life. The families also got a chance to voice out their concerns to the Patron’s themselves.