Clear Vision

Centraid Guru Dharma Society’s welfare arm organised two mobile medical Eye camps this term. The first eye camp was held in the Rumah Orang-orang Tua Seri Setia Petaling Jaya in early June 2013. Hussein Onn Eye Hospital and APEX jointly organised this program with the society. 66 resident old folks were given an opportunity to have a complete eye check with special focus on cataract conditions. APEX offered to sponsor cataract operations for the old folks that required it and wished to do so. Bring the check up to the home made it possible for us to extend this check up to a larger number of old folks.

Two weeks from the first Eye camp, the society together with their partners ran another mobile Eye camp at PJS Community hall. Hussein Onn Eye Hospital brought its mobile eye clinic van to the vicinity where all the people from the vicinity got a chance to have a complete eye check. Obstetrical & Gynecological Society also joined this event to conduct free pap smear and breast test for the needy ladies. Volunteer doctors and nurses conducted general medical check up at this event. A total of 276 people i.e. the lesser fortunate from the vicinity participated in this medical camp.

The society makes it a point to run at least one free mobile medical camp for the benefit of the needy every year. The Medical camp to date includes general health check up, women’s health awareness program on breast and cervical cancer, dental and eye care. We welcome organisations to join us to run future medical camps for the needy as well as to sponsor the events. You may do this as your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. Together we can touch lives and make a difference. Contact us via email or visit us at our center on Sunday mornings.


Service To Man Is Service To God


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