Community Eco Farming

The Eco committee of the society have tirelessly worked with the organic farming program and we are all beginning to enjoy the fruits of their efforts. The fruit trees in the garden have begun to bear fruits while the flowers have bloomed to add colour to our home. On Sundays, the children that come for weekly tuition are given short activities such as, to water the plants, how to make organic fertilizer, plant seeds etc. This is aimed to create love for the environment and importance of sustainability.
It is the ambition of the organic farming committee to develop a community farming at our premise. This is with the aim to empower the unfortunate community to make a living while getting their hands dirty and receive therapeutic energies while working with nature. We have land in our present premise that is already being cultivated with fruits and vegetables. Anyone with expertise and know how in this field are most welcomes to share knowledge and participate in this program. We are looking forward to teaming up with argriculture related institute or companies to develop this project further. Please visit us at our premise on Sunday mornings or email us.
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