‘Give a Man a Fish & He will Eat for a Day, Teach a Man to Fish and He will Eat for a Lifetime’

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In March 2013, four single mothers from the less fortunate background qualified to participate in a three month course for bridal, facial, grooming and tailoring. Power Malaysia an accredited body of the Ministry of Women Family and Community Development facilitated this program. The women empowerment committee of the society organised and coordinated the logistics of these women to participate in the course. Since the course was run in Puchong daily transportation for these women was a challenge as our society does not have its own vehicle to transport people for the activities as such. It is normally council member and volunteers that help transport old folks or children for event/programs.
The 4 ladies passed their course and displayed greater confidence and carry themselves much better after completing their 3 months course. The committee has put in a lot of hours to continuously motivating and counseling these ladies to see them through this course. We are proud that we have been given the opportunity to assist these 4 single mothers (from our food distribution program) to step up and uplift themselves with the new skill and knowledge.
Our mission to empower them to move up and move out of the poverty cycle has seen small success. Since 2011 we have managed to empower 22 needy ladies through various programs such as 1Azam etc. We welcome members of public, organisation and corporate bodies to come forward and support us to continue empowering more needy ladies cum single mothers. Collectively we can reach out to the mass and make a difference. Everyone deserves to have a good life.
Any job placement or programs that can continue to develop them is most welcomed. We are in dire need of a vehicle to transport the participants for various activities. You can contact us via email or visit us at our center on Sunday mornings.Ā 

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