Guru Dharma Society is a non profit, charitable society that serves to uplift the needy community regardless of race or religion. The Society helps low income families by providing them monthly food provisions, free medical examinations, free tuition, etc. We also provide immediate aid to victims of natural disasters, urgent medical needs, etc. The Society obtained tax-exemption in 2011.

However, after many years of carrying out our welfare activities, we believe that we need to have a holistic approach to address this age-old problem of poverty. We realise that we need to have an integrated plan encompassing welfare, skills training, empowerment, job placements and counselling. Hence, our Society plans to expand our welfare program to include skills training, job placements and counselling. The Society will be a “one-stop aid” centre that can address the needs of the less fortunate. This holistic approach will enable the less fortunate and opportunity to enhance their standard of living and self sufficiency leading to financial independence.

We welcome volunteers who share our same vision and passion to join us on this endeavour. It is said that “Service to Man Is Service to God.” Interestingly, not all of us can volunteer our time for aiding the less fortunate as there are usually many things that can deter us from this noble deed. Hence, we in GDS consider ourselves s very lucky to be able to humbly serve the less fortunate.

Our volunteers and members are given a chance to explore their leadership potential by channelling their skills and talents into organizing activities like fund raising, women empowerment, youth camps, etc. Although we are a ‘no frills’ Society, we assure you many “thrills” and satisfaction. The only qualification required for being a volunteer are : Big heart & Big Smile

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